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Wedding tradition

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There are a lot of traditions in Hungary connected to wedding. Many of us know one or two traditions that we see on televison, but few people are familiar with the original Hungarian wedding elements. Although modern weddings do not contain many of those parts, everybody has heard of them once in their lives.

The fares of the bride

The bride is being led to the house of the groom by the company of the family and the officers of the village/town.

The kind of march is a big spectacle, so everybody will know that there will be a wedding.

The doors of the house are closed, so the bride should bargain, or answer conundrums in order to get inside.

Then the groom tells a poem as a thanks to the parents for bringing up their daughter.


False brides

During the wedding day, some girls get the same wedding dress as the bride has. The friends of the groom try to trick him to believe that those girls are his brides.

If he fails and does not realise that, he will not be successful in their marriage, if not, their love will last forever.


Kásapénz (mush-money)

That was the gift for the houskeeper. The wedding meal started with milk mush. During the food was getting served, the houskeeper collected money from the guests in a funny way. One of her hands were swaddled, and she held a big kitchen spoon in the other. The bridesman walked around with her telling a poem about what had happend with her: she burnt her hand during she was making the milk mush, so she need money to heal it.

Background infos

Most traditions in Hungary is connected to the wedding day. There are lot of compulsory requirements that have to be done. In olden times, the wedding had been organised by the parents (in Hungarian they are called the 'örömszülők', the 'happy parents') of the bride and the groom. They got help from the officers of the village or town to coordinate the guests. The wedding party (lakodalom) got started by the house of the bride and the groom as well, at the same time. Almoat every wedding had the same beginning.

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  • Tímea, Rátkai: Esküvő lépésről lépésre. Budapest, Hungary 2012.
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