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Ring inauguration ceremony

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Ring inauguration ceremony

I spent one year at Miskolc University where I was mesmerized by the student tradition which was founded in the 18th century by the students who attended the Academy of Selmecbánya to create a team spirit among them and a relationship between the first-year students and the seniors. This is kept alive in Hungary at just four universities which are in Miskolc, Sopron, Székesfehérvár, and Dunaújváros. So, ring inauguration ceremony is a part of this complex tradition. I would like to give it a special focus because I think it is the most touching and a really spectacular event in students’ lives who take part in the maintenance of the tradition during the university years. This unique event happens only once in a student’s life and that is why it is quite ceremonial as graduates realise and feel that something will really end. It is held as part of a ceremonial student function. There the appearance is formal, which means that students have to wear formal clothes, usually their Bocskai or Kazinczy costumes. The function itself has a specific order which starts with the speech of the Praeses (the chairman of the function) who asks the graduating students to stand up and fill their chalices with Tokaji Aszú or beer. During the ceremony there is silence. Then the Praeses tells them to drop their rings into their cups, which knock at the bottom of the cup as the sound of a soul in the silence. Those who have ever heard this sound can be sure that they will never forget it. After the rings have been dropped, the Praeses orders ‘eks’(Hungarian word), which means that everyone has to drink the contents of their chalices at one gulp. Then they can take their rings out of the cups and put them on their fingers. The final formal part of the ceremony is the “Ring inauguration-song”, which is sung by everybody at the same time. This function is held in the spring semester before the examination period.


Robert Gusztáv, Pálinkás. A balek tudnivalói. Miskolc 1998.


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Mach mit: wer, was, wann, wo, wieso genau? Dieser Artikel ist noch sehr unklar. Überarbeitungen sind willkommen!