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New Years Eve in Hungary

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In the Hungarian folklore there are many believes and superstitions in connected with New Year’s Eve. The main reason why people follow the traditions of this day is that they want to gain health, money, joy and good luck. The basic tought of New Year´s Eve is that what is happening this day an omen how the rest of the year will be. For this reason, families try to celebrate with relatives, full of joy and sorrunded with lots of food.

In Hungary, New Year’s Eve is unimaginable without noise. In order to chase away the previous year and celebrate the new one, people tend to make a lot of noise with bells, trumpets or simply by shouting.

Moreover this day is the perfect day for predictions. Women from all age try to predict their love life or their financial state for the next year, for example by arranging garlic or by pouring lead. (Although these traditions are no longer common these days.)

In addition to these traditions, there are also several dos and don’ts in order to maintain good luck. For example it matters what you eat in that night. Pork stands for good luck for the family house, but cock at the contrary chases it away. Lentil also means good luck, or in some regions of Hungary, the income can be predicted by the amount of consumed lentils. But it’s prohibited to throw out the waste, because you fling out good luck with it; or wash and dry clothes because it symbolizes death; or go to the doctor, because illness will stay for the rest of the year. Even the first person crossing the door-step this day matters. If it is a women it will birng misfortune for the house. But on the other hand a great way to gain luck is to get the first bucket of water from the well, or get either a horseshoe or a clover with four leafs.


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Mach mit: wer, was, wann, wo, wieso genau? Dieser Artikel ist noch sehr unklar. Überarbeitungen sind willkommen!

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